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The History of Reef Chief

The History of Reef Chief

The vision of Reef Chief is to provide marine aquarium hobbyists with the proper tools and education needed to ensure a healthy and enjoyable display in their home or office. As many people know, marine aquariums traditionally have a reputation for being difficult to keep and maintain. With the help of other hobbyists, we hope to change the outlook on the hobby and get more people interested. Everyone, if given the proper guidance, can be successful in the hobby. The best advice we can give to anyone interested in keeping a marine aquarium is listen to our staff and be patient. A healthy and enjoyable aquarium isn't going to happen overnight, it takes time.

Reef Chief is owned and operated by Jeff Knight. Since he was a young boy, Jeff has always been interested in aquatic life. He began with keeping frogs and turtles then worked his way up to cichlids before reaching the pinnacle of the aquarium hobby, the marine aquarium. He has been an avid aquarium hobbyist for more than 15 years but in recent years his passion for marine aquariums has taken him to the next level: helping other hobbyists who share his passion. He has long dreamt of owning and operating his own aquarium store and raising aquaculture specimens to help preserve the wild reefs of the world.

In June 2004, with the support of his wife and family, he founded a small part-time business called "Reef Chief" that rapidly grew and gained respect in the local community.

We have over 7000 gallons of living space for our livestock that is divided among eleven different systems. This allows us to keep and maintain the cleanest displays, healthiest corals, and best overall selection of live rock, corals, invertebrates, and fish in the area. We have a custom eight-stage water purification system that purifies all the water used in our shop. Our systems are kept in the best condition possible using only products that we offer to our customers. We only stock and sell products that we have tried, tested, and trust ourselves to ensure that our customers receive only the best in aquarium products.

We receive weekly shipments of dry goods and livestock from the best vendors in the country. Occasionally they will send us something special and tell us to keep it for our own personal aquariums, but everything else that comes through our door is passed on to our customers for them to enjoy.

Give us a call and come by to talk with us and see the shop for yourself. We always enjoy hearing from others, both new and old, about their experiences in the hobby. We promise you'll be amazed by what we have to offer.