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108g corner FOWLR

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Hi everyone,

I'm starting to slowly add fish to my setup and just wanted to get an idiot check before I start. The tank is a 108 gal corner bowfront with a 20L fuge/sump set up. Fuge has sand, crushed coral, cheato, macro algea, and mangroves and the sump includes a skimmer and when my wife leaves for the weekend and I can drill through a wall, will also have an auto top off. Currently running a t5 light setup, but I will be building a wooden cover with leds built in. The tank is 50"w x 38" l x 30" deep.

The tank has been running for 3 months and I currently have a clean up crew of hermits, snails, peppermint shrimp, and a sand sifting star as well as a 3" maroon/gold clown, 4" lawnmower bleny, and a few feather dusters. Oh, and 15 lbs of dead rock progressing nicely with growth and 65lbs of live rock. Here is my prospective stocking list, and any I am debating have a maybe with them. All are open for suggestion/criticism.

Maybe 2-3 cardinal fish
Harlequin tusk
Yellow eye kole tang (or yellow tang, but leaning kole)
Pink faced wrasse
Maybe a Snowflake eel
Flame angel

I fully expect my crabs to be eel food, but I think the star and duster might be left alone? Any advice is appreciated!