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Broken pipe.. can it be fixed

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I am currently running my 46 gallon bow-front set up but want to move all of my equipment into my 72 gallon tank and can't afford to really have two saltwater tanks running at the same time. I don't know quite how to get the pluming done with this tank. I will post pics and hopefully someone can help me or give me some advice on how I can get it up and running.

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Step 1. Scrape all that

Step 1. Scrape all that expando foam off the tank.

Step 2. Remove the two bulkheads and any plumbing attached to it. PVC is really really cheap, don't worry if you have to cut anything.

Step 3. Clean and scrape both sides of the glass to remove any remaining foam, calk, sealant whatever.

Step 4. Install new bulkheads, and replumb them to the sump. If the glass is clean, and the gasket on the bulkhead new, you don't need any silicone or foam or anything, the gasket will keep water in all by itself.

Step 5. Install / plumb the drain and return, fill it up, test it for integrity.

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