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I know many of us don't know the extent of devastation in Japan. I have family there and am well aware of the current crisis. Here is a link for anyone who may be interested. Words can not describe.
Move your cursor over the photos.

Having a seemingly unreachable vision. Working extremely arduous against all odds. Embracing and protecting the vision turned reality. Living the dream.
Life is not so bad after all.

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That site really puts it into perspective! Incredibly sad. My prayers are with the people of Japan... it is going to be a long recovery process.


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i have friends in the

i have friends in the military that were made to leave (his wife and kids) due to the $%#@ happening there. they now reside at my place until they can get something of their own. Puzzled

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The second "Kashima in

The second "Kashima in Minamisoma" pic for me is the most powerful one, all the land in the center of the pic was reclaimed by the ocean. We sit here and complain about gas prices, the weather, the economy, etc, I couldnt imagine "EVER" what those people in the coastal village, whats left of them, are going thru or, for that matter, have gone thru, even Indo a couple of years ago, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, What next??????????? Prayers.............

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