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210 teaser

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Since I sold the stand and canopy, I spent the day cleaning a preparing the tank and stuff for the in wall install. I am starting on the block work tomorrow since it is going to now be built as a full room addition in the garage. Room will be tied into the house HVAC in order to control temperatures more easily.

Below is a quick pic of the skimmer tank with skimmer. This tank is tied into a 40 breeder that will be filled with chaeto, live rock, and my pair of blue damsels (had to keep them somewhere). Coke is in the pic for scale (probably pretty obvious).


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Can't wait to see the tank up and going.

As the head liner states. I kinda did the same thing. My fuge is in a separate tank from my sump/return I am digging it as if something goes wrong in the fuge I only have to replace it and not a whole fuge/sump and rebuild bubble traps and all that jazz. Plus I like the control and the bigger fuge which mine is in a 35 tall.