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Bulb order

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Hey Jeff- did you get my PM about the bulb order? Thanks man!


mikeit83 (not verified)
Wow- no response via the post

Wow- no response via the post of a private message. I will take the hint.

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Since you are so sensitive about my lack of a response in a timely manner to suit you and have decided to put it out there for everyone to view, here goes. If you have not noticed, I am a pretty busy guy. I have 25 maintenance accounts, nearly 500 customers, a new store to build, 8000 gallons of reefs to maintain, a wife, a son, a grandson, two homes and taxes to pay. I mean really, your gonna bust me up over a response on some bulbs. I see that you sent me a PM on the 3rd. Well, today is the 6th. I must apologize for not having answered your PM before the other 80 e-mails and PM's I received prior to yours. What was I thinking? I also must point out that I like to review requests on bulb configurations and check prices before I respond. I guess a few days is just too long for anyone to wait for my advise and price quote. I do not have the time for such juvenile behavior. Your impatience and lack of judgment has now placed you in a special class.
If you wish to publicly retract your post and grow up, I will be glad to assist you. If not, please take a hint and don't waste my time.

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mikeit83 (not verified)
Jeff, I am sorry you


I am sorry you have taken offense to my attempt to do business with you. I absolutely know you are a busy man- 100%. Because you are a busy man I made this posting, in addition to my private message. Because you are a busy man, I knew that you were likely to respond to a forum posting over a private message due to how your website is designed (its not always obvious when you have a private message).

What I said was "Wow- no response via the post of a private message. I will take the hint." I originally PM'd you my request on the 3rd. I waited until the 5th to create the post in your forum, thinking you may have been busy and not able to get to your PM's. I then posted the "wow, no response" reply on the 7th...not the 6th as you stated. That "wow" response was due to a perception that my request wasnt important because you had made several other postings after my request and still had not responded, in any way, to my request.

I appreciate your justification for taking the time to properly entertain my request. I do, indeed, know you are busy. All I was wanting was a "Got it Mike, I need a little bit of time to check on configs and prices for you." It took me less than 10 seconds to type that. And I would have even understood if you had told me that it would take a couple of weeks because your hands are full. Just wanted something to acknowledge that you got my know?

Jeff, I live on the peninsula and have been coming to your store for about a year now. I pass many other fish shops to do business with you because of your experience and willingness to help others make their dream tanks. I am not going to make it out like I am one of your top 200 customers- but how much a customer spends isnt the point. Its that they are a customer....a repeat customer. Also, I know I have introduced at least 7 other reefers to your shop who were new to the hobby. I told them to go talk to you about their reef needs. Last time I checked, you dont advertise very much. So while I am not a super spender in your store- I do advertise for you. I also frequent your forums and help out where I can. I also have volunteered to help you with the move if you needed it. I specifically told you that I would help out with the move and not want or expect any kind of favors or repayment.

In your situation, like I said, I understand that you are exceptionally busy with all the things that go into owning a business and trying to move it to a new location. I understand why you responded the way you did. I don't appreciate it, Jeff. This is just not the way you treat customers (Now I am referring to your reply as well).

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Jeff, I'm sorry but I need to

Jeff, I'm sorry but I need to say something. Mike no matter whats going on in Jeffs life and his business he has always responded to my pm's, it may have taken a week or so but I always new I was going to get an answer from him sooner or later. I have spent alot of money with Jeff and he treats me no different than any other customer and I would have to say that I am in the top 75 if not higher. The reason Jeff does so good is because he has great stuff you cant find at other LFS's. I drive all the way from NC but I also have learned that if I need something special I pick up my PHONE and CALL ahead. Jeff I will be in to see ya this weekend to pick up a couple things. Take care dude

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mikeit83 (not verified)
And I've never had any

And I've never had any problems either and have always enjoyed coming into his store. This was my first time making a special request with jeff. I've been employed by a computer small business before. We would always get back to the customer within 24 hours just to let them know we were working on the request.

now this has been blown out of proportion due to my hasty response to his lack of response... and also by his response to my response.

mikeit83 (not verified)


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Atlantic Seafarms alt

If some haven't already heard, "mikeit" has the same IP address as the guy from atlantic seafarms on another forum, where he bashed Jeff. This was just another failed attempt to sabotage the chief. tisk tisk.

mikeit83 (not verified)
Actually- I do not even have

Actually- I do not even have an account at Atlantic Sea Farms and never have posted at Atlantic Sea Farms. You need to study more to become an IT professional. I also dont work for, or shop at Atlantic Sea Farms. I am unclear as to what in the world you are talking about. What forum did I ALSO mysteriously post something that bashed jeff? If I did it, I will own up to it. I have no reason or motives to lie.

Ive had FIOS for about 4 weeks now. Its pretty impossible to magically obtain a public IP address from a disgruntled customer that posted on atlantic sea farms with this "same IP address" as you claim.

What are these addresses you speak of?

I have nothing to hide.

My IP address as of 10:50pm on 2/7/2010 is

As of this time, I am still not even aware that Atlantic Sea Farms even had a forum.


I have nothing more to say that is negative towards Jeff or his business. This is because I have not, and will not, do any business with him again.

I have ran into fellow reefers that have referenced this post about the "bulb order" (who didnt know that I posted it) . They told me they would have done more than just post a negative review..... if they had been treated like Jeff had treated me. The fellow reefers also expressed other negative feedback about his operation and customer service skills.

Again- what ever post you are referencing that was "bashing jeff"---that WAS NOT about this particular issue of the "bulb order"---wasn't me.

I will continue to make sure this post stays on the first page of the "Ask Jeff" page just to make sure other reefers are aware of what they are going to be dealing with. Jeff owes me an apology- which I know I will never get. Which is fine. I will continue to make this issue known to fellow reefers until I get that apology.

I had an OK experience at his store before this issue... and like I said, I was an avid supporter of his store. I recommended many reefers to his shop.

I wish him all the luck in the world.

mikeit83 (not verified)
Curly, I googled other


I googled other salt water forums on the net and found one that "ITmike11" did. I can assure you that I did not post that crap on that forum at all.

Jeff knows exactly who I am and what I look like. He would also know that I do not work for Atlantic Sea Farms. (as I am sure he knows who all works there)

Who ever ITmike11 was- may have actually work for ASF- not sure why they would copy and paste my complaint on this forum on a nano-forum like that.

I made an additional posting to stating something similar. I am man enough to own up to everything I have written or done. What ITmike11 did wasn't me.

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Please do us all a favor and

Please do us all a favor and stop posting comments. You obviously won't be doing business with RC anymore. I just don't get what point you are trying to make. Maybe you are embarrassed that you got called out by Jeff and are bitter and now you are just being plain malicious and nasty. Why didn't you just pick up a phone and call the shop and talk to them about ordering bulbs. E-MAIL any other store in the area and see how long it tales to get a real response no the computer generated ones.I bet you none of them will order bulbs without you paying for them first. Your IP address just says your in Hampton close to 415 Butler Farm Rd. Mike if you have spent so much money in RC why would Jeff publicly respond to your whining. I guess you not that high on his list.