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We are the largest aquarium specialty store dedicated solely to marine and reef aquarium hobbyists in the Hampton Roads area.
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Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told
It is so slow. Too slow for my taste. This pace aint safe. Im about to change the race. Have to bite of its head and go for broke. Going old school. TEXT ONLY
4724274-no more retail hours. If you would like to set up an appointment, hit your send button.My stock tanks are stuffed full of awesome pieces and plenty of inverts. No fish, for now. Plenty of the essentials, frozens, major trace by the pound, rock for days $2 a pound live or dry, aragonite substrates 50 cents to $1 a pound live or dry, phytoplankton and zooplankton feed your reefs, carbon and Po4 control and most any of your weekly needs. I am pretty much available around the clock. Serious texts only, for a timed visit to your new wholesale priced location. Changing the game forever. Text me and I will call you back. Obviously, when you message me, give it a few. I will do my part in being available. RO/DI/UV available at our convenient location, out front. 35 cents a gallon unsalted and 70 cents a gallon salted.

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